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Tiering of Stewardship Code Signatories

Tiering of Stewardship Code Signatories

In 2016 to improve the quality of reporting against the Code, encourage greater transparency in the market and maintain the credibility of the Code, the FRC assessed signatories based on the quality of their Code statements.

The tiering distinguishes between signatories who report well and demonstrate their commitment to stewardship, and those where reporting improvements are necessary.

Inclusion on the website should not be interpreted as an endorsement by the FRC of the accuracy of the statements or the policies pursued by individual institutions.

The FRC will continue to assess the overall quality of reporting on an annual basis, consider possible revisions to the UK Stewardship Code in the future and look at how it can better support international investors to meet the requirements of international Stewardship Codes.

The FRC welcomes contact from signatories who still wish to improve their reporting.