Sun- Thur : 09:00 - 17:00
+88 02 9833705


How can we contact with FRC?

Corporate Office:  House No: 40/A, Road No: 20, DOHS,

 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1206,Bangladesh


Office: +88 02 48810289


How many divisions in FRC?

There are four divisions in FRC.

  1. Standard Setting Division
  2. Financial Report Monitoring Division
  3. Audit Practice Review Division
  4. Enforcement Divisions
What is FRC?
FRC stands for Financial Reporting Council.
The FRC is a company limited by guarantee, partly funded by government and the industry and its board of Executive directors is appointed by the Ministry of Finance and Finance Division. It and its subsidiaries play crucial roles in the oversight and development of corporate governance standards in the Bangladesh and standards for the accounting industry.
Who are the Executive Directors of FRC?
  1. M Anwarul Karim FCA, Standard Settings Division
  2. Mohammad Mohiuddin Ahmed FCA, Financial Report Monitoring Division
Who is the Chairman of FRC?

CQK Mustaq Ahmed